Responsible employees

Employees are the actors of the company's responsibility, whether they are the originators of certain initiatives, participants in Cornilleau's societal actions, or simply respectful of the established measures.

Moving towards a minimal carbon footprint

Avoiding unnecessary travel or bringing in a partner when the issue can be addressed via video has become obvious for everyone. And when it's necessary, the chosen mode of transportation should have the least impact on the environment possible. This behavior is the result of ongoing awareness efforts among the teams.

Upon arrival, each employee is given a water bottle and a mug to limit the use of disposable cups. Less waste, more conviviality. On the energy savings side, eco-friendly practices are also part of the equation. Through internal communication, designated champions, as well as training sessions and dedicated working days, everyone knows how to minimize their energy consumption.

In order to understand the challenges of environmental issues, the entire company had the opportunity to participate in the Climate Fresco. Because the company's environmental awareness necessarily involves an individual awareness of each person.

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