How to choose my ping pong racket?

Which racket for which use?

Choosing the right racket is crucial for any table tennis player. Depending on whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, you’ll be looking for something that suits your game. Beyond your level of skill, how often you play and where you play - indoors or outdoors - are also key factors when it comes to choosing the racket that’s best for you.
So as you can see, finding the racket that matches your goals and suits the type of game you want to play is a top priority.

Which racket matches your goal?

Choosing a racket means finding the right balance between ball control and the speed/tack equation. Based on your level, it is crucial to select the right racket for you, to make sure you get maximum enjoyment out of your playing.

If you are a beginner

If you are a intermediate player

If you are an advanced player

Goal: perfect your skills, regular playing

You are a regular table tennis player and are keen to boost your performance.

You need a dynamic racket that lets you hit powerful shots with precision accuracy. You expect the best. So your racket needs to deliver a flawless performance and the best possible spin-loaded shots.

Outdoor table tennis rackets for all weather conditions

Impact-resistant and able to withstand all weather conditions (impacts, UV rays, water), outdoor rackets are perfectly designed for outdoor playing. That said, they are also recommended for indoor playing in many cases. Outdoor table tennis rackets will surprise you with their characteristics and resilience. Speed, precision, spin transmission: they completely hold their own compared with indoor rackets. Their resilience in all circumstances means you can also store them outdoors all year round.


Offering tack and control for a perfectly precise game, the Tacteo outdoor racket is sure to please any player with its colorful look. Capable of withstanding even the harshest weather, this 100% French outdoor racket will convince the whole family to enjoy a game of table tennis.



Building on their expertise in outdoor materials, Cornilleau engineers developed a table tennis racket that uses patented “durable four-material” technology. They created an outdoor racket that is in a class of its own in terms of performance. With its sponge-backed smooth rubber, the Nexeo table tennis racket offers high-speed, high-precision play.


Wooden rackets: for indoor playing

Wood rackets were traditionally used for table tennis. All Cornilleau indoor rackets have rubbers that have been certified by the international table tennis federation (ITTF). It goes without saying that they are perfectly suited to any kind of player, from occasional players to the most experienced.

1- Rubber

The quality of Cornilleau rubbers is rated using a star system. Rubbers range from moderately tacky and elastic to very tacky and elastic. All our wood (indoor) rackets have rubbers that have been certified by the international table tennis federation (ITTF).

2- Foam

A thicker foam gives you more speed. You therefore need to adapt the foam to suit your level of skill.

3- Blade

The blade is the central element of your racket. A blade made of thicker wood gives your racket more speed.

4- Handle

There are three main types of handle: straight, anatomic and flared. Cornilleau rackets have a flared handle for better grip, so your racket sits perfectly in your hand.


Wich racket is the best for competitions?

Looking for a competition racket? Purchase the blade and rubbers separately so you can combine them yourself to make a racket that is perfectly suited to your playing style. Start by defining the playing strategy that you feel most comfortable with: follow our guide.

Rest assured: Cornilleau blades and rubbers are the result of close cooperation between the brand’s experts and players from team Cornilleau.