A human adventure

The success of Cornilleau is based on its products, but before that, on men and women who know how to push boundaries and turn ideas into achievements. Since its creation in 1946, the company has had three leaders, each bringing their vision and energy to make Cornilleau the brand it is today.

Émile Cornilleau

President from 1946 to 1979
Work with materials and the craftsmanship of a carpenter.

When he leaves Paris for Oise on the advice of his in-laws, Emile plans to leverage his carpentry skills and opens his workshop to contribute to post-war reconstruction. Thus, the Cornilleau establishments are born, thriving under his leadership in the construction sector with a workforce of around twenty people by the end of the 1960s.

Pierre Cornilleau

President from 1979 to 2003
Innovation and industrialisation of table tennis tables

In 1961, Pierre joins his father right after completing his studies. His technical expertise, instinct, and industrial vision lead Cornilleau to undergo a complete transformation, shifting from construction to table tennis in 1969. Design, ergonomics, safety, performance, durability—Pierre continuously innovates to make Cornilleau the leader in its sector. His success is inseparable from Colette, his wife and business partner, who successfully approached the champion Jacques SecrĂ©tin in the early 1980s, creating a highly fruitful partnership for the brand awareness of Cornilleau.

Michel Zany 

President since 2003
International and diversification

Arriving as the Director of Sales and Marketing in 1992, Michel spent 11 years alongside Pierre, who transmitted to him the values and DNA of the company. Michel brought his entrepreneurial vision and succeeded in exporting Cornilleau's expertise worldwide. Becoming President in 2003 following Pierre's retirement, he perpetuates and enhances the spirit of his predecessors by continually innovating and conquering new markets. It is he who paves the way for the diversification of the brand's offerings, introducing a complete line of table tennis rackets and accessories in the 2000s and launching an outdoor pool table in 2019, quickly followed by other products such as trampolines and football table.

"Reinventing ourselves is the only way we can provide a high-quality gaming experience through our products"
Michel Zany - President

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