Design and innovations

Every line, every piece of equipment, every detail serves a dual purpose: aesthetics and functionality. We are convinced that it is this approach to the product that allows us to offer the best possible experience to users.

Our vision of functionality, of course, incorporates ergonomics, but also performance and durability, for gaming enjoyment that is passed down from generation to generation.

By incorporating the notion of responsibility from the design and conception stages, Cornilleau strives to minimize its impact on the environment. Durable materials, eco-design, standardization of parts to promote repairability... every design choice is part of a responsible approach.

Create, test, improve. With 10% of its workforce dedicated to innovation and significant technical resources, Cornilleau makes this triptych a reality.

The collaboration between designers, engineers, prototype makers, laboratory technicians, and their proximity to marketing and production are key to success.

To ensure your complete satisfaction and ensure that users can enjoy their products for many years, we have integrated a laboratory for wear and durability testing. All our products undergo rigorous testing there!

The R&D center includes a testing laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that all products of the brand are of impeccable quality and durability. The majority of tests (UV, humidity, resistance, etc.) are thus carried out internally for ever faster and more effective cycles of innovation and improvement.

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