Sport 200

The ideal recreational table tennis racket for beginners - 2-star ITTF coating

  • Medium speed - 5/10 rating: foam for better speed control
  • Good spin and spin - 4/10: 2-star ITTF coating
  • Precision and control - rated 9/10: racket suitable for all player profiles

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  • Speed
  • Speed
  • 5

  • Spin
  • Spin
  • 4

  • Control
  • Control
  • 9

Leisure ping pong racket - 2 star ITTF rubber

You play from time to time but each time you progress. The recreational table tennis racket, the Sport 200, which allows you to make your first moves. And what do you expect from a new tool? Precision and control. That's exactly what the Sport 200 will give you with its ITTF 2-star rubber. All in all, an ideal racket to start your transition from a leisure player to a table tennis player.


Moderate speed

  • Moderate speed

  • The Sport 200's dynamic sponge gives it a good speed of play. The Sport 200 racket offers a moderate pace of play that is ideal for improving. Not too weak or too powerful, it's a good compromise for players who are just starting to improve.

Standard spin

  • Standard spin

  • The two star ITTF rubber gives the Sport 200 a standard spin grip. It's the perfect racket to start playing table tennis and begin to feel the pleasure of the game.


  • Precision and control

  • The Sport 200 racket offers a very good level of control, making it accessible to all. It is particularly well suited to players looking for control and precision.

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